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Health & Safety

Health/Safety Information

Welcome to Rehobeth Elementary School.  We look forward to helping you take care of your children.  You the parents are our front line defense in aiding in the health of your children.  Our goal in the nurse’s office is to keep your kids in school and to encourage them in their education.  We would like to share with you a few things that may help in preparing your child to have a healthy and successful year at Rehobeth. 

  1. Please make sure your cell phone, home phone, work phone and emergency contacts are kept updated. We have had instances where we could not reach a family member during an emergency. This would be greatly appreciated.
  2. If you feel your child may need some Tylenol or Motrin occasionally to assist them with headaches or pain, please bring an unopened bottle to the nurse’s office. (Please make sure it is age appropriate and must be brought in by a parent). Students CANNOT carry any medicine on them without a Doctors order. Medication forms can be found in the Nurses office or from your pediatrician’s office.
  3. If your child requires any special equipment, for example nebulizer (asthma), diabetic supplies, inhalers, catheters etc.  Please bring them by the nurse’s office and fill out the proper paperwork. (Forms on website)
  4. If your child gets permission from their Doctor to carry their asthma inhaler on them theyMUSTcome by the nurse’s office and demonstrate its proper use and proper paper work must be filled out.
  5. Please take time to fill out your child’s health assessment forms carefully making note of any major health concerns. Please feel free to contact us for any changes in your child’s heath during the school year.
  6. If you tell your child to call home if they feel sick during the day please send a note to their teacher or the nurse ON THAT PARTICULAR DAY.  If we DO NOT have a note and their symptoms DO NOT fall into the parameters below we WILL NOT be able to call home.
  7. Please pack additional clothing for your child if he or she might have potty accidents thru the school year. This will help keep your child in the classroom and eliminate a need for us to call you.

Parameters for excused check out from nurse’s office:

  1.  Temperature > 100.4
  2. Vomiting visual by nurse or teachers
  3. Unexplained pain or discomfort (after discussing with parents)
  4. Wheezing not relieved by inhaler
  5. Head lice (bugs and live or dead nits) – If your child has live bugs they WILL be required to go home.  Your child will be excused for up to two days.  Educational material will be available in nurse’s office upon request, please follow proper removal techniques.  Lice MUST be hand- picked and removed from shaft of hair.


Alabama School Health Laws

    Click on the link below for information from the Alabama State Department of  Education regarding school health laws: