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Membership Qualifications & By-Laws

Rehobeth Elementary School BETA Club Membership Qualifications and Requirements

The National Beta Club’s mission is based on four pillars of excellence: Leadership, Service, Character, and Achievement. Rehobeth Elementary School Beta Club strives to find members who will uphold these four standards of excellence when representing our school, whether on campus or in the community. 

  1. Our Beta Club requirements for tapping are based on two of the four pillars of excellence as stated in the National Beta Club’s mission statement. They are the following:
  • Achievement: This is based upon your child’s grades during their 3rd, 4th, & 5th grade academic school years. Your child MUST HAVE MAINTAINED ALL A AVERAGES in each subject the entire year of 3rd,4th, OR 5th grade and be recognized for ALL A’S at Honor’s Day. Their grades are also evaluated after the first grading period of the next school year. Once inducted into membership, their grades are re-evaluated at the end of each grading period (report card). A Honor Roll is 50% of the qualification score for induction into Beta Club.
  • Character: Your child’s most recent classroom teacher will be asked to complete a character/behavior evaluation form. It will be reviewed by the Beta Club sponsors and our school’s administration. The character/behavior evaluation form is 50% of the qualification score for induction into Beta Club. 
  1. Students MUST ALSO have attended Rehobeth Elementary School for ONE WHOLE SCHOOL YEAR prior to the tapping year. 
  1. The Beta Club sponsors and school administration will review the list of who qualify for “tapping” and determine who the new inductees will be for the coming school year based on the requirements listed above. 
  1. Academic achievement is the base of the requirements for tapping and induction into Beta Club. Our main goal as a club is to inspire our members to be productive, considerate, and successful members of society through leadership, character, service, and achievement. ANY behavior and/or academic progress that does not align with the four pillars of excellence will not be tolerated. In order to maintain active membership in “good standing”, the members must maintain the following requirements:
  • Grades will be assessed after each 9 weeks grading period in which all members should have a cumulative average of 92 or higher in English, Math, Reading, Spelling, Science, and Social Studies that are made up of A’s and B’s only.
  • Any student whose cumulative average is below 92 or has a grade average of C or below in ANY SUBJECT will be placed on academic probation for the next grading period in which they will be encouraged to bring their grades back up.
  • If the student is not able to bring their grades back up to requirement during their academic probation (cumulative average of 92 and A’s and B’s only in all subjects), they will be dismissed from Beta Club membership. A member is only allowed ONE probationary period per club charter. If their grades drop below the requirement a second time, they will immediately be dismissed from Beta Club membership.
  • After ONE disciplinary referral or ISS (In School Suspension) visit, the student will be placed on conduct probation. If the student receives another disciplinary referral, ISS or alternative school visit, or displays behavior deemed inappropriate (by the Beta sponsors and/or our school administration) for a Beta Club member, he/she will be dismissed from Beta Club membership. A member is only allowed ONE probationary period per club charter.  
  •  If the student receives one academic probation AND one conduct probation, his/her Beta Club membership will be revoked. 
  1. Please be advised that the Rehobeth Elementary School Beta Club is an independent charter of the National Beta Club. While we work closely with the Rehobeth Middle School and Rehobeth High School Beta Clubs, we are separated by the National Beta Club Divisions. The RMS & RHS Beta Club charters have their own set of eligibility requirements. A student’s active membership in the Rehobeth Elementary School Beta Club charter does NOT roll over into automatic membership in the RMS or RHS Beta Club. When a Beta leaves Elementary and goes to Middle School they must meet the new charter eligibility requirements and be re-tapped for membership. At the SR level (RHS) students are required to complete an application process to determine eligibility.
  1. Rehobeth Elementary School Beta Club members will be required to keep a log of their “club service”. This means that each time we participate in an activity or service project in which our Beta Club members provide assistance, the students will be encouraged to write down the activity and the time frame in which they worked. Their school planners are the perfect place to keep their “service log”. Each Beta member is required to serve a minimum of 1 hour per month. Rehobeth Elementary School Beta sponsors will periodically check our members “service log” to see if they are actively participating in club service projects. We feel that this will encourage our Betas to be organized and responsible, as well as provide them with the opportunity to look back at what they have accomplished in both service and leadership at RES!