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Welcome to Fourth grade! Your child will be exposed to a whole new world of reading! From our Savvas curriculum, many exciting novels, and AR, your child is sure to find many new favorite genres and authors. We can’t wait to travel the world with your child through the joy of reading!  This year, your child will also learn a lot of new math skills!  We use the Savvas textbook and website along with other supplemental materials to teach the standards that your child is to learn in fourth grade. Students will continue to learn their multiplication facts, division facts, and other standards that are important to building the foundation as they move throughout school.  Our students will spend time learning tons of new and interesting things about science and Alabama history.  Fourth grade is sure to be an exciting year of learning for your child! 



Fourth Grade Teachers

Kristen Lucas-ELA                      Nikki Anderson-Math, Science, Social Studies

Lindsey Hicks-ELA                     Julie Bump-Math, Science, Social Studies

Linda Crabtrey-ELA                    Lynn Finn-Math, Science, Social Studies

Jessica Taylor-ELA                     Brenna Odom-Math, Science, Social Studies